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Silver Savings Club card Frequently Asked Questions about the Big Y Silver Savings Club®

WHAT is the Silver Savings Club?

The Big Y Silver Savings Club is a new way to save even more money at Big Y. Club members can purchase up to five (5)* of any individual item that has a special price with a silver coin, without the need to present actual coins. As a Silver Savings Club member you will continue to receive your gold coin rewards and Express Savings Club discounts.

HOW does it work?

Our computer recognizes a member's scanned Silver Savings Club card. It will then automatically charge the lower silver coin price for ALL silver coin items purchased*. Silver coins will no longer be issued to the member since they are not needed for future purchases.

WHY is Big Y introducing it?

Many of our customers have expressed their appreciation for the great deals available with our Express Rewards silver coins. These same customers have explained that sometimes they forget to bring their coins to the store or don't have enough coins to buy all the items they want. The Silver Savings Club card eliminates the need to carry silver coins to the store or to participating gas stations.

HOW do I join?

Just present your current Big Y Express Savings Club card to your cashier and tell her that you want to join the Silver Savings Club. Your annual membership fee ($20) will be added to the total of your grocery purchase. You will instantly receive your new Silver Savings Club card, which replaces your existing Express Savings Club card. Your new card will also automatically give you Express Savings Club discounts in addition to your silver coin savings. You won't miss out on any of the benefits. It's that easy!