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348 East Central Street, Franklin, MA, 02038
Phone:(508) 553-8705

Store Director: Kevin Petrillo

Store Hours:

mon - fri: 7 AM- 10 PM
sat: 7 AM - 10 PM
sun: 7 AM- 10 PM

August 10, 2017 to August 16, 2017


Mon - Fri  7 AM-10 PM
Sat  7 AM-10 PM
Sun  7 AM-10 PM


Mon - Fri  8 AM-7 PM
Sat  8 AM-7 PM
Sun  8 AM-7 PM

Fresh Seafood

Mon - Fri  8 AM-8 PM
Sat  8 AM-8 PM
Sun  8 AM-8 PM


Hot Fish & Chips

Mon - Fri  10 AM-8 PM
Sat  10 AM-8 PM
Sun  10 AM-8 PM

Butcher Shop

Mon - Fri  7 AM-10 PM
Sat  7 AM-10 PM
Sun  7 AM-10 PM

Pizza Shop

Mon - Fri  11 AM-9 PM
Sat  11 AM-9 PM
Sun  11 AM-8 PM

Fresh Bakery

Mon - Fri  7 AM-9 PM
Sat  7 AM-9 PM
Sun  7 AM-8 PM

Sandwich Shop

Mon - Fri  8 AM-8 PM
Sat  8 AM-9 PM
Sun  8 AM-8 PM

Hot Foods

Mon - Fri  11 AM-7 PM
Sat  11 AM-7 PM
Sun  11 AM-7 PM

Little Y Kids Club

Mon - Fri  10 AM-7 PM
Sat  10 AM-7 PM
Sun  10 AM-7 PM
exceptions :  Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Table & Vine

Mon - Fri  8 AM-10 PM
Sat  8 AM-10 PM
Sun  10 AM-10 PM

Store Services

Western Union

Money Orders

Postage Stamps

Gift Cards


Six Flags Tickets

Movie Passes

Car Wash Tickets


Basketball Hall of Fame Tickets

Propane Gas

Handicap Carts

Bottle Redemption

Produce Platters

Phone Cards

School Tours

WIC Accepted

Electric Car Charging Station

Redbox Video Rentals

Beer, Wine and Spirit Sales

Beer Sales

Natural Organic and Gluten-free section


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