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Baby Stain Removal

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How many times have you put on what you THOUGHT was a clean shirt, only to find the shadowy remains of last week's strained peas on your collar? Or grabbed a freshly-laundered onesie, just to see a sadly yellowed spit-up stain front and center? Babies create plenty of messes and quite a few of those end up as tough-to-remove stains. Fortunately, even the most stubborn stains can be banished with the right techniques.

First, a couple of all-purpose, stain-fighting tips: Invest in an enzyme-based stain remover and detergent. Check the label for proteases, amylases, lipases or cellulases. Many baby-related stains are “protein based” meaning they're related to various body functions -- something every parent knows well. An enzyme-based cleaner will break down those stain-causing proteins. Also, be sure that any stains have been washed out before you put clothes in the dryer. Once you've dried something, the stain is likely set in and will be very difficult, if not virtually impossible, to get out.

Here's how to remove the most common baby-related stains: