Fight Obesity with Healthy Snacks

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Kids and snacks go together like chips and dip. However, too much snacking on "treats" can lead to problems -- including unhealthy weight gain and obesity. Since children aren't able to meet their daily Food Group goals with meals alone, snacks are a must!

Ensure your child's snacks are nutritious foods versus indulgent treats not intended for daily consumption. A recent study has shown kids who nosh on healthy snacks (think cut-up veggies and milk instead of chips and soda) took in 72% fewer calories while snacking -- and were fuller and more satisfied with far less food! The key is to focus on well-balanced, nutritious choices that will provide a mix of fiber, protein and carbohydrates. The ultimate end result is that even though they take in fewer calories, they get far more nutritional and health benefits. It's a win-win for everyone.

Looking for healthy snack ideas? Stick with options that have minimal ingredients and offer greatest nutrient punch bite-per-bite. For example, although cheese may be slightly higher in calories and fat, it's also packed with protein and calcium. Here are a few other snack ideas: