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The Trials of Teething

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Wondering why your just-started-sleeping-through-the-night bundle of joy suddenly started waking up crying every couple of hours again? Chances are it's teething time. The real trials of teething actually start before those pearly whites break through.

When does teething start? There's no set timetable -- it can be anywhere between three and 12 months.

What signs should I look for? You might notice your baby drooling more than usual. He'll probably try to chew on everything in sight; slight pressure on the gums actually helps alleviate some of the pain. He may start waking up in the middle of the night again if he's uncomfortable. Some teething babies start eating less; others start tugging on their ears as a response to the discomfort.

What can I do to help make my baby feel better? Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help relieve teething pain: