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Missed Nap? No Problem

Maybe your errands that day took longer than you expected. Maybe you're out enjoying some family fun and don't want to rush home. Or maybe your baby just decided that today's the day he's simply not going to take a snooze. However it happened, you missed naptime. And while we adults can (mostly) recover from a day where that nap didn't happen, for our little ones, getting the necessary amount of sleep is crucial. Babies who don't get enough shuteye will be fussy and cranky, and paradoxically, that lack of sleep could result in an overtired little one who actually has trouble going to sleep at night.

So what's the solution to a missed (or delayed, or shortened) naptime? It's actually pretty simple. If you've blown by naptime completely, put baby to bed an hour earlier than usual. So if your normal bedtime is 7:00, tonight, make it 6:00. That may seem early, but he'll need to make up for that missed sleep.

You can also make up for a late or shortened naptime. If you usually put him down for a nap at 1:00, but you don't get home until 2:00, put him down anyway. Simply make sure he sleeps the same amount of time without oversleeping thereby interfering with his normal bedtime schedule.