Attestation of Eligibility - Massachusetts

Individuals MUST live, work or study in Massachusetts AND belong to one of the eligible groups, and agree to the Attestation of Eligibility:

By continuing to schedule an appointment, I attest under pain and penalty of perjury that I am a member of one of the groups that is currently eligible for vaccination per the MA COVID Vaccination Prioritization; current eligible groups include:

  • COVID-facing and non COVID-facing healthcare workers;
  • Residents/staff of long-term care, rest home, or assisted living facility;
  • First responders (EMS, Fire, Police);
  • Other congregate care workers or residents, including shelters and corrections;
  • Home-based healthcare workers;
  • Individuals age 65+ ;
  • Individuals with 2+ certain medical conditions
  • Residents and staff of low income and affordable senior housing
  • None of the above, but I have documentation of receipt of my first shot and I am scheduling my second shot

Massachusetts Information:

YES, I attest that I am eligible