Kitty Cat Sandwich

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Serving: 6

Recipe and image courtesy of Kathy Jordan, MS, RDN, CPT.

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1. Wash hands with soap and water.

2. Rinse all fresh produce under cold running water and pat dry.

3. Place a slice of bread on a plate. Spread with mustard or mayo, if desired.

4. Top with 2 slices of marbled cheese and sliced cucumber and tomatoes, if using. Top with another slice of bread.

5. Place a slice of marbled cheese on top of the sandwich. Cut an American or cheddar cheese slice in half to make 2 triangles for the ears. Dab a little cream cheese on each side near the top of the sandwich and place the ears on top.

6. Cut a smaller triangle of the American or Cheddar cheese for a nose and "glue" with cream cheese on the center of the top of the sandwich.

7. Place three chive halves on each side of the nose to make whiskers.

8. For eyes, dab cream cheese on bottom of 2 radish slices. Place as eyes, cream cheese side down, onto bread, then place 1 olive on each slice of radish as the pupils.

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