Cranberry-Raspberry Prosecco Punch

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Serving: 12, Serving Size 1 1/4 Cups

Celebrate this Thanksgiving with Cranberry Raspberry Prosecco Punch! The Schweppes Raspberry Ginger Ale makes this cocktail sweet and fun for any Holiday occasion.

Recipe provided by Pepsi.

Get inspired and watch us stir up this delicious cocktail!

Thanksgiving Recipe 2022 SS

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  1. Wash hands with soap and running water.
  2. Rinse fresh produce.
  3. In a large punch bowl, stir in ginger ale, cranberry juice blend and Prosecco; add sherbet and raspberries.
  4. Add garnish of fresh cranberries to each serving, if desired. 


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Nutrition Facts

Calories 154.00

Total Fat (g) 0.00

Saturated Fat (g) 0.00

Cholesterol (mg) 1.00

Sodium (mg) 41.00

Carbohydrates (g) 32.00

Fiber (g) 1.00

Protein (g) 1.00