Sausage Stew

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Sausage Stew
Serving: Makes 8 (1½-cup) servings.
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Sausage Stew
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4 russet potatoes, peeled and chopped

1 large onion, diced

2 stalks celery, chopped

½ lb. carrots, sliced

2 lb. Nathan’s Angus kielbasa, sliced

1 Tbsp. mustard seed

½ tsp. dried basil, crushed

½ tsp. dried thyme, crushed

¼ tsp. Big Y salt

½ tsp. Big Y ground black pepper

2 14-oz. cans Big Y reduced-sodium chicken broth

2 Tbsp. fresh parsley, chopped


In a large pot over medium heat, combine potatoes, onion, celery, carrots and kielbasa. Add mustard seed, basil, thyme, salt, pepper and chicken broth. Add some water to just cover all ingredients; bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 45 minutes. Sprinkle with fresh parsley and simmer for an additional 15 minutes. Plus try these crowd favorites: Red Pepper Dip and Lobster Roll

Nutrition facts:

Nutrition Information Per Serving
Calories: 466 (Calories from Fat: 297); Total Fat: 33g (Saturated Fat: 10g); Protein: 17g; Total Carbohydrates: 28g (Dietary Fiber: 4g; Sugars: 6g); Cholesterol: 72mg; Sodium: 1,172mg