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Greenhead Lobster

Greenhead Lobster's lobsters are harvested by a dedicated fleet of Stonington, Maine lobstermen and women, many of whom have been delivering their daily catch of lobsters from the waters of Penobscot Bay to the Greenhead Lobster docks for generations, carrying on the strong fishing heritage of their families and this small island community located in the Gulf of Downeast Maine.


Live Lobster
or Choice lobsters are harvested year round in the waters of Stonington’s Penobscot Bay

Lobster Tails

Lobster Tails
Raw, Ready to Cook, The perfect alternative to live lobster. Fresh-caught taste, simple to thaw, prepare and serve in minutes.

Split Lobster Tails

Split Lobster Tails
Raw, Ready to Cook, Perfect for the grill! Fresh-caught taste, simple to thaw, prepare and serve in minutes.

Fresh Lobster

Fresh Lobster Meat
Enjoy Maine lobster, but with less mess or hassle, Claw & knuckle meat allows you to do just that!

Lobster Meat

Frozen Lobster Meat
All Stonington-caught lobster, this claw & knuckle meat is really special — gorgeous in red color and incredibly sweet & tender.

Prepare these delicious lobster recipes from Greenhead!

Whether a novice chef or a seasoned pro, there are a variety of recipes and simple “How-To’s” to help you enjoy the best of Greenhead Lobster’s products.

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Fisherman Friday — Francis Hardy and the F/V Miss Brieanna


Francis Hardy is a lifelong lobsterman.  As he says, he was ‘born into it’.  He has been fishing Deer Isle waters for 38 years and got his start as a kid on Eggemoggin Reach under the Deer Isle bridge in a small skiff with an outboard. 

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Support Maine Lobster!

With the importance of the fishery to the state of Maine and the families who depend on it, sustainability has always been at the core of how the industry operates. The Maine Lobster industry has been self regulating with strict fishing guidelines for over 150 years to protect the resource.

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