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Recall: a situation in which exposure will, may, or may not cause adverse health consequences. Detail of the recalled product consequences is listed within each posted product recall.

Friendly's Ice Cream Cakes Recall

June 25, 2024


Friendly’s is recalling two Friendly’s ice cream cakes due to the possible contamination of the production line that is used to produce these cakes. Recent testing by the FDA detected the possible presence of listeria on the production line at a third party partner that was used to produce these ice cream cakes. As a result of the findings a recall has be issued for these two varieties of Friendly’s ice cream cakes with lot code or “sell-by” dates between 05/20/24 and 05/28/25.

There have been no reports of illness or discomfort from consumption of these products.

This recall only impacts the products with the plant codes and UPCs specified above manufactured by Totally Cool. It is important to note that products with the same UPC but a different plant code are not impacted by this recall.

Upon returning the product to your local Big Y or with the proof of purchase (if the product was discarded), you will receive a full refund.

The following products are sold at Big Y:  

Product Name  UPC Size
Lot Codes
Friendly’s Strawberry Krunch Cake 29839-41306 40oz Plant Code: 24-65, 24-0065, 2465, 240065
Sell-by date between 5/20/24 and 5/28/25
Friendly’s Celebration Cake 29839-00092 60oz Plant Code: 24-65, 24-0065, 2465, 240065
Sell-by date between 5/20/24 and 5/28/25

Consumers with questions my contact Friendly’s at 1-800-966-9970.

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