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Summer Sippers (On The Lighter Side)

Nothing pairs better with summer than having a superb beverage on hand while enjoying some much-needed vitamin D in the form of sunlight, of course. So, we asked the experts at Table & Vine to share their favorite summer sippers with a low calorie count for those of us who are keeping an eye on our waistline. And boy did they deliver. Take a look at these sippers that can wet any palate with their crisp taste, fruity aroma and refreshing finish. Cheers.

Michelob Ultra Pure Gold

This is a lighter beer in the light beer spectrum. Only 2.5 carbs and 85 calories, but packed with a superior, golden taste. Try it with a spicy chicken curry dish.


Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea

Made from select tea and natural lemon flavor. We find it refreshing, smooth, delicious and, of course, a little twisted. Do you? Best enjoyed with citrus ribs.


Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty Lo-Cal IPA

The aroma has a hop presence with delightful tropical notes, giving it a taste that is quite refreshing. What this beauty doesn’t have in calories, it brings with flavor. A great accompaniment to any grilled chicken dish.


Goose Island Beer Co. So-Lo IPA

Full-bodied IPA with citrus and herbal notes with a balanced bitterness. This beer maintains the classic IPA character with a surprisingly low calorie count. Try it with any kind of cured pork.


Heineken 0.0

Refreshingly fruity notes and soft malty body with 0.0% ABV. Yes, this is the only beer that pairs well with cutting grass, making lettuce wraps or performing oral surgery. Best with fish tacos.