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Six Pet Care Tips to Keep Your Pet Healthy & Happy

They’re the fuzzy, furry, feathered (maybe fishy) source of a ton of household joy. Repaying them by keeping their health and happiness front and center is the least we can do. Here are a few simple tips to keep your pet living their best life.  

1. Pay attention and recognize what's "normal."

Getting to know all your pet’s habits, quirks and behaviors is critical because picking up on little changes in routine and behavior is the first step in identifying when there might be an issue.


2. The right amount of food is just as important as the ingredients.

Keeping your eye on what’s in their food is smart. Work with your vet to identify any special nutritional needs. But the key is to feed them the right amount every time. This will prevent pet obesity and a whole host of other potential issues.


3. Exercise. Excercise. Excercise.

Every pet needs a different level of activity, but they all need some. From long walks to adding a hamster wheel, do your pet the favor of getting them moving. Not only does it give them much-needed exercise; it gives them important stimuli through new views, smells, agility and more.


4. Grooming

Keeping the coat brushed and nails trimmed sounds basic, but is of great importance. It helps you pay attention to their fur, skin, ears and teeth. This way, you can keep an eye out for irregularities. It’s also a great relationship-builder. After all, who wouldn’t want a spa day with their best buddy?


5. Well Visits

No matter how closely you pay attention to your pet, there are things that take a trained eye to notice. That’s why well pet visits are important. They give you the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from the experts instead.



Like in any other relationship, it’s a two-way street. Loving on pets is proven to reduce stress in humans and lead to a fuller life for the pets as well.