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November  2022 -

Crisp air, falling temps and reasons to gather make November a lovely time of year. It’s also the perfect time to find gratitude. Let us all remember what makes our life great this season.

- 01 -

Create your Christmas gift list.

- 02 -

National Stress Awareness Day
Take a pause, notice and breathe with these tips from our Living Well Eating Smart team.

- 03 -

Sack Hunger begins.
Help support our area food banks this season.

- 04 -

Have a wine and cheese night with friends.
Visit the Table & Vine Blog to find the perfect pairing!

- 05 -

Prep and fertilize lawn for winter months ahead.

- 06 -

Daylight Saving Time ends.
Fall back and set all clocks back an hour.

- 07 -

Order holiday turkey from your local Big Y.

- 08 -

Learn important holiday food safety tips from Big Y's Living Well Eating Smart registered dietitian team.

- 09 -

Make your favorite comfort food.
Try one of these classics with a twist.

- 10 -

Start planning the Thanksgiving meal.
Don’t know where to start? Take a look at our holiday meal lineup.

- 11 -

Veterans’ Day

- 12 -

Chicken Soup for the Soul Day
Try one of our favorites!

- 13 -

Have the kids make a Thanksgiving‍-‍themed craft.
Make a festive wreath out of a paper plate, construction paper turkey or festive place cards for the holiday table.

- 14 -

Put snow tires on the car.

- 15 -

Clean Your Refrigerator Day
Clean, disinfect and get your fridge in tip‍-‍top for all that holiday food!

- 16 -

Create your Christmas card list.
Take time to update addresses and make a list for this year's season’s greetings.

- 17 -

Purchase ingredients for Thanksgiving meal.

- 18 -

Date night!

- 19 -

Visit a local bookstore.

- 20 -

Get your winter accessories in order.
Now is the time to make sure all those boots, scarves, mittens, hats and so on are ready to go.

- 21 -

Pick up a fall floral arrangement from your local Big Y.

- 22 -

Bake pies for Thanksgiving.
You can’t go wrong with one of these recipes!

- 23 -

Save your energy for the big day and take the night off from cooking.
Check out these delicious Quick, Easy Meals from your local Big Y.

- 24 -

Happy Thanksgiving!

- 25 -

Put your feet up and take the day for yourself‍—‍you earned it!

- 26 -

Check out these tasty ways to use up your holiday leftovers by November 27!

- 27 -

Start your Christmas shopping.

- 28 -

National French Toast Day
Celebrate with this delicious recipe!

- 29 -

Declutter and donate.

- 30 -

Prioritize mailed gifts.