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Whether it’s a simple burger, a thick steak or saucy ribs, there’s nothing quite like cooking food over an open flame. There’s certainly no doubt that grilling is an American tradition like no other. That’s why our Butchers who hand cut the very best cuts of meat will make you proud to serve your guests. While you're there, don’t forget that we have free knife-sharpening services at our butcher counter so you can get those cuts of meat perfectly prepped at home as well!

July also gives us some of the best weather to get out for an adventure. Stop by and fuel up with snacks to satisfy the whole family for your road trips. And, with myExpress Checkout, you’ll be in and out of the store in no time, so you can quickly get back to enjoy the sunshine and the open road.

And remember, local produce season is right around the corner. Here at Big Y, we pride ourselves in supporting our local partners and stocking the freshest produce! Keep an eye out starting mid-July to see what our local farmers are bringing in fresh to our stores.

Enjoy this summer and everything it has to offer. I hope your July is packed with lots of fun, great times and of course plenty of delicious food. Until next time, thanks for stopping by.