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This month I am spending time reflecting on the history and heritage of Big Y. When my family opened the first Big Y in 1936, they forged partnerships with neighboring family farms and sold the finest local produce in our small store in Chicopee, Massachusetts. Today, as we have grown, so have our local partnerships. We are driven by a desire to know personally the farmers and creators whose products fill our shelves and your shopping carts, and we make it a priority to bring you the best and widest array of local products available.

As we gear up for the back‍-‍to‍-‍school season and busier schedules, look to us to help to lighten the load. You’ll find everything from quick and easy meal ideas, to ways to stretch your budget, both online at bigy.com within the digital pages of Dig In, as well as in the printed pages of our Dig In magazine that you will find in store. We have also partnered with Chef Mary to provide you with even more quick and delicious recipes for busy times. Learn more about her here.

Finally, we have made shopping at Big Y both easier and faster with the myExpress Checkout app. Once downloaded, simply open the app, start scanning the bar codes of each item you are buying, pay using your mobile phone at the checkout kiosk, and you're done. It’s that simple. You can also use the new and enhanced search options on the bigy‍.‍com website and myBigY app to find all the things you need for this time of the year at your local store.

Before the summer ends and our schedules become routine again, let’s get outside and make the most of it. Until next time, thanks for stopping by.