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Health Services at The Big Y Pharmacy

We're here with information, services and events to help you care for your health.

Our services include expert consultations with our pharmacists, The Big Y Pharmacy computer system that features a complete clinical screening of all your prescriptions to prevent drug interactions or overmedication, in-store informational services, Community Service programs, and Top Care health care items, from our Big Y family of brands.

To Your Health

Blood Pressure Machine

Available in all Big Y Pharmacy & Health Center Locations.

Check your blood pressure regularly at our Health Care Center.

Blood Pressure Cuff

Try Our Online Blood Pressure Tracker!

You can view your blood pressure results, print reports, and even e-mail "live links" to your health care provider.
Find Out More

Get your "My Blood Pressure Management Smart Card", available in-stores.

Big Y Silver Savings Card

$3 with your Silver Savings Club card.

Diabetes Corner

Visit our extensive section of diabetes-control and monitoring related products.
View Our Diabetes Resources for helpful information pertaining to diabetes management and prevention.


FREE Diabetes Classes

Register for upcoming classes offered by your local Big Y Pharmacist! Sessions include a virtual interactive educational classes & handouts.

Click Here to Learn More!

Community Service Programs

Community Speaking Program

Our Pharmacy staff is more than happy to speak publicly in your community. Just call our store and talk to our pharmacists about the programs we offer.

TopCare Products

TopCare products are Big Y's own brand of health care items, These products are manufactures to Big Y's highest quality specifications at a more affordable price. Try any of the 500 different TopCare products with a money back guarantee - If you are not completely satisfied, we will gladly refund your money. Pharmacist Recommended... A Name you Can Trust.

Doctor Standing with Patient

Inform & Inspire

We'll help you focus on the health and wellness themes most important to you and your family.

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Get your Vaccinations at any Big Y Pharmacy!

Doctor and Students Smiling

WNE Consultation & Wellness Center

Our pharmacy consulation and wellness center.