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Ham Christmas Dinner Table

Ready to Heat & Eat
Your Holiday Dinner Feast

Order Early! Just Heat and Serve for a Delicious Holiday Dinner!

Order by Tuesday December 18, 2018 to ensure completion of your Holiday order! Please call or visit your local Big Y for ordering.

Take the stress-free route and get your holiday meal from Big Y. From turkey and gravy to pumpkin pie and all the trimmings, our meal is ready to heat and serve for a delicious holiday feast! 

Turkey Dinner

(1) Holiday Meal


Serves 2 to 4 
2 lbs (Approx.) Rotisserie Split Turkey Breast (Bone-in), 1 lb Bread Stuffing, 1 lb Cranberry Relish, 1.5 lb Mashed Potatoes, 16 oz Gravy, 1 lb Butternut Squash and a 10 Inch Pumpkin Pie

Turkey Dinner

(2) Holiday Meal


Serves 4 to 6 
2.5 lbs (Approx.) Boneless Turkey, 2 lbs Butternut Squash, 2 lbs Mashed Potatoes, 2 lbs Turkey Gravy, 2 lbs Country Stuffing, 1 lb Cranberry Relish, 2 lbs Green Bean Casserole and a 10 Inch Pumpkin Pie

Spiral Ham Dinner

(3) Spiral Ham Dinner


Serves 6 to 8
7 lbs (Approx.) Big Y Spiral Ham, 16 Snowflake Rolls, 3 lb Mashed Potatoes, 2 lb Butternut Squash, 2 lb Green Bean Casserole and a 10 Inch Pumpkin Pie

Turkey Dinner

(4) Turkey Dinner


Serves 6 to 8 
10 lb (Approx.) Fully Cooked Oven Roasted Turkey, 2 lb Country Stuffing, 2 lb Butternut Squash, 16 Snowflake Rolls, 2 lb Mashed Potatoes, 2 lbs Turkey Gravy, 2 lbs Green Bean Casserole, 1 lb Cranberry Relish and a 10 Inch Pumpkin Pie

Reheats in 2 Hours. Order by Tuesday, December 18th! Quantities are Limited.