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Discover Local Products at Big Y

All throughout our area, you'll find small farms and food producers, each one devoted to its own specialty: Hand-picked fruits and vegetables, just-caught seafood, freshly ground coffee, handmade breads and cheeses. These family-owned and independent farms and companies are a big part of the fabric of our region, helping ensure that our unique culture, cuisine and flavors will continue to stay vital for generations to come.


Jessica’s Brick Oven Bakery

Methuen, MA

Jessica’s Brick Oven Bakery has been baking slow-rise breads since 1997, and started in Woburn, MA. It was not until 2008 that the vision for the Bakery was transformed and a business built that could meet the vision of getting their high-quality breads to the masses. Now located in Methuen, MA, Jessica’s Brick Oven Bakery strives to provide excellent customer service and high quality breads using only the finest ingredients.

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Stonewall Kitchen

Stonewall Kitchen

York, ME

In 1991, Stonewall Kitchen started with a small table at the local farmers’ market, displaying a few dozen items that had been hand-labeled only hours before. Today, Stonewall Kitchen is proud to be one of the most awarded specialty food brands in the country, boasting a line that includes jams, mustards, baking mixes and more!

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Skowhegan, ME

Honest ice cream, simply made in Maine for New England. Gifford’s is a 5th generation, family-run business.

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Millie's Pierogi

Chicopee, MA

Millie's Pierogi is the home of the best hand-made fully cooked pierogi. Family owned and operated since 1976.

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Kringle Candle

Bernardston, MA

The original Kittredge Family recipe utilizes the best available candle components with 100% food-grade wax, concentrated fragrance oils containing natural ingredients, and wicks utilizing innovative textiles. This winning formula ensures all of their candles burn clean while delivering the world's best fragrance to your home.

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Fairfield, CT

In 1945, inspired by an Early Colonial recipe, Ruth Campbell Bigelow disappeared into her New York brownstone kitchen to create a better cup of tea. After weeks of trial and error, blending black tea with orange rind and sweet spices, she emerged with the first cup of specialty tea. Her tea earned a name and the Bigelow Tea Company was born. Try new Bigelow Botanicals Cold Water Infusion, a new way to love your water!

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Chabaso Bakery

New Haven, CT

Chabaso Bakery is a family-owned artisan bakery located in New Haven, CT. Artisan breads feature high quality ingredients, Chabaso’s special slow rise baking process, and hearth oven baking.

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Wilbraham, MA

Life is always better with a big scoop of Friendly’s. Maybe it’s the neighborly, local scoop shop heritage or maybe it’s the oh-so-yummy signature flavors. Either way, it’s the friendliest treat in the whole Northeast.

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Bianco Sons

Bianco & Sons

Medford, MA

Bianco & Sons is a third generation, family-owned & operated food manufacturing company located in Medford, MA. Since 1960, Bianco has been serving up summer grilling favorites, including their delicious House Marinade Sirloin Beef Tips, Cajun Style Bone-In Chicken Thighs and Chinese Style Boneless Pork Strips.

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Springfield, MA

Carando uses fresh, premium ingredients, inspired by old-world recipes that capture the spirit and taste of Italy. From desk-friendly snacks and pass-around crowd pleasers, to weeknight dinners and more, Carando helps you savor moments big and small—and celebrate everything that makes life so delicious.

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Try these delicious recipes, courtesy of our Local Partners!

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We're proud to work with local producers whenever we can.

Not only does it help keep these small businesses healthy, but it helps us bring the best, highest-quality merchandise to our customers. We're committed to providing our shoppers with the finest, freshest and most flavorful foods available, and in the spirit of community togetherness, we're proud to partner with other New Englanders who feel the same way, partnering with over 500 local businesses with over 4,000 individual local products. These items can be found across every department in our store.

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Local products help to keep our local community thriving.

Buying from local growers, businesses and manufacturers means that the profits stay local. Helping to keep these small producers in business is good for the local economy, and helps to keep our vibrant farming community thriving. It's also a benefit to the landscape, ensuring that green fields, farmlands and verdant orchards will be preserved for future generations.

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Not only does it taste better, locally grown food is often better for you.

Fresh produce starts to lose nutrients as soon as it's picked; the longer the wait time between harvest and preparation, the more nutrients are lost. Since it's harvested and sold often within a day or two, locally-grown produce packs a much larger nutritional punch.

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What's more, local products are "green" in the truest sense of the word.

Because they don't travel as far to get to you, less fossil fuel is used, resulting in fewer carbon emissions. Smaller local farms are also far more likely to produce food using sustainable growing methods and to avoid chemical pesticides, genetically altered food and hormones. The bottom line: It's better for our air, soil and water.

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Thanks to Our Local Partners!