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Big Y Gold Rewards Coin

Answers for Frequently Asked Questions
about Big Y Express Rewards Gold Coins

WHY does Big Y offer gold coins?

It's a unique way of rewarding our customers that is not offered in any other supermarket.

WHAT is the Big Y coin program?

A rewards program, where specific items are marked down on special sale and can be purchased at this discounted price with a Big Y Gold Coin.

HOW do I get a coin?

Use your Big Y Silver Savings Club Card when you check out and play the game at the register for a chance to win a gold coin. You may also win surprise gold coins when you check out aside from playing the game.

HOW do I do I redeem gold coins?

There are hundreds of items discounted on gold coin throughout the store. Each store has a listing on bigy.com of all gold coin items. Also, stores have a brochure with a comprehensive list of items available on gold coin. Simply present the coin to your cashier with your item during check out.