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Headquartered in Springfield, MA, Big Y is one of the largest independently owned supermarket chains in New England. Proud to be family owned and operated, we operate almost 80 stores throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts with over 11,000 employees. Big Y has been named a 2015 Employer of Choice by the Employers Association of the Northeast. Founded in 1936 by brothers Paul and Gerald D'Amour, the store was named after an intersection in Chicopee, Massachusetts where two roads converge to form a "Y".

Big Y in the News contains excerpts from press releases that have been sent to local media.

Big Y and Tea Guys Team Up to Unveil New Purple "Supertea" Line

SPRINGFIELD, MA (September 26, 2017)

Working with master tea blender Oliver Rich, founder of the Tea Guys, Big Y Foods is debuting one the newest, healthiest teas in recent memory. It's called purple tea and its supertea designation comes from the high levels of anthocyanins, the super‐ antioxidants often cited for their health benefits, found in pomegranates and blueberries. At the same time it has caffeine levels lower than black or green tea.

According to Big Y Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Carrie Taylor, RDN, LDN – “Providing even more antioxidant-acting plant compounds than traditionally found in black and green tea, purple tea is sure to become health advocates' favorite new beverage.”

Working together with the Tea Guys, Big Y chose a blend of whole leaf tea, blackcurrants, lemon and elderberries. “This is a very rich‐tasting, refreshing blend that I think will delight tea drinkers,” said Rich.

"Blending purple tea with the sweetness of black currants, elderberries and lemon is a great way to introduce a high antioxidant beverage option to shoppers who typically shy away from tea," says Big Y Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Andrea Luttrell, RDN, LDN. It is called purple tea for its distinctive reddish, purple color of the leaves. It is grown primarily in the highlands of Kenya and has only recently been available in the United States.

Big Y has enjoyed a partnership with Tea Guys for the past two years. Their loose leaf and bagged teas have been available in Big Y stores since October 2015. Tea Guys tea is part of Big Y's proud lineup of local offerings, which also includes native produce from area growers, dairy products such as milk and ice cream from family-owned farms, craft beverages from local beer brewers and winemakers, locally grown flowers and plants, as well as locally raised meat and seafood.

The product will be available exclusively in Big Y stores beginning in early October 2017.

Tea Guys is a full tea solution provider, offering both hot and iced tea bags, matcha powder, bulk tea, tea concentrates, and an extremely exciting, first‐of‐its‐kind, sparkling tea. The company, its blending facility, and store are located in Whatley, Mass. – a small New England farming community. For more information, visit teaguys.com.