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Little Y Kids Club®

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FREE Birthday Gift!

Come see us during your birthday month!
Any child registered with Little Y who visits the Little Y Kids Club during the month of their birthday will receive a coupon for a FREE slice of cheese pizza and a soda from our World Class Pizza Shop.

We're Working to Make Your Life Easier!

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Little Y is a supervised in-store play area where children can enjoy educational games, toys and creative craft projects, FREE with Silver Savings card, all while you do the grocery shopping.

Our trained professionals will watch your children for up to two hours so you can shop at your leisure.


Each week the children can create a fun educational craft project! Available only at Big Y's Little Y.

Ages Served:

3 years to 9 years. After a child turns 10, they are no longer allowed in.

Safety and Security

To ensure your child's safety, Big Y® has implemented an extensive security system for the Little Y Kids Club® .