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Now there's a way to make use of all that loose change that's been piling up at home or weighing down your pockets.

The self-service Coinstar® machine counts and sorts your coins in just moments.

You'll receive a voucher from the machine to spend in the store on groceries or exchange for cash.

All this for a small processing fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the Coinstar machine roll my change?
A. No. Coinstar sorts and counts loose change in minutes, and then prints a voucher which can be exchanged for cash or groceries at the checkout!

Q. How fast does the Coinstar machine count coins?
A. The machine counts up to 600 coins per minute!

Q. Do I need to sort the coins before using the Coinstar machine?
A. No. Coinstar accepts any quantity of unsorted coins in the local currency. Foreign or damaged coins will not be counted and may not be returned.

Q. How accurate is the Coinstar machine?
A. The Coinstar machine has been through rigorous testing and research for over 6 years to ensure accuracy. The machine is monitored daily to maintain this precision.

Q. Is there a charge to use Coinstar?
A. Yes. A small processing fee is posted at all Coinstar machines. Our customers tell us they are willing to pay a small service charge for the convenience of not having to sort, count, roll and haul their coins to the bank.