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Load the coupons you want on to your Big Y Silver Savings Club® card with just a click, online or on your phone!

How to Use click2Card

Frequently Asked Questions

Is click2card available online?

click2card is available online at myBigY or on your phone in the myBigY app.

Where can I get the phone apps?

Apps are available at the Android and iPhone app stores:

Is click2card available on tablets?

The myBigY App may not be fully compatible with tablets. Try the Mobile Browser friendly version here.

Will all click2card coupons be loaded to my card?

Only coupons you click will be added to your card.

Where can I see the click2card coupons that are loaded to my card?

In myBigY online or App, Click on "My Saved Deals" or choose the "Clipped" category in click2card.

How many of each coupon can I use?

click2card coupons have a limit of one per item per card and do not double. View the Big Y coupon policy

How will the redeemed coupons display on my receipt?

This section in the receipt contains items with the clic2card items listed with the price after the coupon discount has been applied.

receipt1.jpg image on

Total click2card coupon savings are displayed on the bottom of your receipt.

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