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Health Videos


  • What Causes Hypertension?
  • Risk Factors of Hypertension
  • Treating Hypertension

Cold and Flu

  • What Is the Common Cold?
  • Symptoms and Causes of the Common Cold
  • How to Treat a Common Cold
  • Difference Between a Common Cold and the Flu
  • Who Is Most Vulnerable to the Flu?
  • How To Treat the Flu?


  • What Is Cholesterol?
  • What Causes Cholesterol?
  • How Is Cholesterol Diagnosed?
  • Treating Cholesterol


  • What Is Asthma?
  • What Causes Asthma?
  • How is Asthma Treated?


  • Diabetes and Blood Glucose
  • Complications From Diabetes
  • Diabetes - The Importance of Testing
  • Treating Diabetes