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Frequently Asked Questions for the Pharmacy

Q: All of my prescriptions are at another drug store. How do I transfer them to your pharmacy?

A: It’s easy! There are many ways to transfer your prescription to us. Bring your prescription bottles in, or have your doctor send over new prescriptions to us. You can also request our pharmacists to transfer your prescription by going to our CyberScript link on our website and clicking on "Transfer". We’ll take care of the rest! From our knowledgeable staff to our current promotions, you can really benefit from switching!

Q: How can I find out which stores have a pharmacy in them?

A: Use our Pharmacy locations page to Find a location by city, state or service.

Q: How do I refill a prescription online?

A: Simply go to the CyberScript links, then click on "Refill". The system will tell you whether or not your prescriptions can be filled, when they can be ready for pick-up, or can even let you request to fill them at another Big Y Pharmacy!

Q: I’ve already called in my prescription. How do I know when it’s ready?

A: Follow the links to CyberScript, then click on "Check Status".

Q: I don’t want to be bothered with requesting my refills every month. Is there a way the pharmacy can fill them automatically?

A: You will benefit from our "Automatic Refills" service. See your friendly Big Y pharmacy staff to sign up – it’s free!