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Whole Fish

Grilling a whole fish is dramatic and thrifty all at the same time:

You get to deliver a gorgeous, smoky grilled fish to the table -- and you lose far less meat than you would had you filleted the fish beforehand.

Fresh Farm Raised Whole Trout

Trout have an elongate, laterally compressed body. The Rainbow Trout is a cold-water fish species. Rainbow trout is popular in Western cuisine. It has tender flesh and a mild, somewhat nutty flavor.

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Bacon-Wrapped Smoked Trout With Tarragon

Fresh Whole Farm Raised Striped Bass

Farmed Striped Bass is a cross of White Bass and Striped Bass. The species was established in 1967 and became commercially farmed in the 1980s after the populations of Wild Striped Bass collapsed. Farmed Striped Bass is farmed in freshwater across the United States and has become an important U.S. aquaculture product. This firm yet flaky and moist textured fish is farmed. Farmed Striped Bass has a mild, delicate, slightly sweet flavor and moderately firm but flaky texture. It appeals to a wider range than the more pronounced flavor of wild Striped Bass.

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Grilled Bass with Veracruz Sauce

Fresh Farm Raised Whole Bronzini

The fish, which ranges in size from one and a half to three pounds, has a firm, white, delicate flavored flesh and few small bones. It's a prized fish in Italian, Spanish, and Greek cuisines, and is often prepared grilled, baked, poached, steamed, or braised whole. It's one of Italy's most popular fish thanks to its optimal white flesh, which is lean, firm, aromatic, and bakes well.

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Whole Bronzini Simmered in Tomatoes, Olives and Lemon