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Seafood Department

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Fresh Sushi

Hand rolled and prepared fresh daily, Sushi is naturally low in fat, high in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

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Fish & Chips & Other Fare

Cooked Fresh to Order, 7 Days a Week, Made with Fresh Never Frozen Fish Fillets, Cooked in zero trans fat oil.

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Sustainable Seafood

Big Y and suppliers from the local waters of the Gulf of Maine and all regions of the globe join to bring you the best seafood for your family in the best way possible for the environment.

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Full Circle Seafood

Full Circle Seafood is wild-caught then flash frozen to lock in exceptional flavor. It's processed with no artificial ingredients, colors or preservatives.

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Fresh Local Oysters

We offer delicious varieties of local oysters for one great price!

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Whole Fish

Looking a whole fish in the eye needn't be intimidating: It's easy to prepare and often much more delicious than fillets.

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Hooked on Salmon

We've been doing business for some time now with Northcoast. Norm Stavis, President Northcoast Seafood, is 3rd Generation in this family run seafood business.

Find out more about why Big Y is Hooked on Salmon.