Produce Department

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You can eat cherries for all the incredible health benefits... or you could eat Big Y cherries because they are the sweetest, juiciest, most delicious cherries you can buy.

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Driscoll's Berries

The berries, grown in sunny southern California, are specially selected to meet our unrivaled standards for flavor, appearance and size.

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Did you know that these delicious, round-ish wells of juiciness are high in fiber and antioxi- dants? So have grapes today and remember, Big Y's are the biggest and only the best!

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Organic Produce

Organic produce is grown without relying on synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides or fumigants. We have over 80 type of Organic Produce to choose from!

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Local Produce

Throughout the Connecticut River Valley, you'll find small farms devoted to their specialty like hand-picked fruits and vegetables. Buying from local growers means that the profits stay local.

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UMass Student Farm

Big Y has partnered with "Student Farm Enterprise" to bring customers local organic produce. The "Student Farm Enterprise" is run by University of Massachusetts students from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture.

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