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World Classics Coffee products from Big Y:

Our goal is to deliver the best quality coffee to every customer. We offer handcrafted coffees - roasted in small batches by meticulous artisans. Of course there's more that goes into every bag of our coffee than the specialty roasted coffee beans. Every step of the process must be completed perfectly - from growing to roasting to packaging and shipping!

The Pacific Northwest is known for its amazing coffee and coffeehouse culture. Our coffees are roasted in a LEED® Silver-certified roastery located right in the heart of it all. But before we can roast a single bean, we sample roast and cup (and re-cup!) many different choices of every single coffee that we use. Just like there are many types and qualities of wine from France, there are many types and qualities of coffees from Sumatra, Colombia, and all of the other exotic locations around the world where we travel to source our coffees. As with wine or any other food, the mediocre stuff is far more common than the exceptional, so the search for the best takes time.

Every good cup of coffee starts out as a really great bean. That's why we offer beans that were hand selected from some of the best coffee growers on the planet. Once we have decided on the perfect green coffee, the highly trained artisans at the roastery carefully begin the roasting process, using old-school German-built roasters - the best in the world for transforming high quality green coffees into amazingly delicious and aromatic roasted beans, one small batch at a time. It's a labor of love, really, as each coffee is custom roasted by hand to its peak flavor, under the careful supervision of one of our roastmasters.

When the beans have barely cooled off after roasting, they are rushed into our custom packages to preserve their flavor and aroma until you're ready to brew your first pot of coffee. Each bag is built from multiple layers of protective material with each layer playing a different part in preserving the coffee. Every bag comes to you with a tiny one-way valve built in - not a flimsy valve stuck on the outside of the bag like an afterthought, but a high-integrity "structural" valve attached to the inside of the bag where it can slowly release excess pressure from the bag without letting any oxygen or humidity inside to potentially stale the coffee. We are committed to our coffees' freshness and quality. This sort of commitment is what sets World Classics coffees apart from the rest!