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Here at Big Y, we know that you want only the best for your family and that quality, healthy and delicious food is important to you.
That is why our World Classics Trading Company® premium deli meats are made to the highest standards. They contain no MSG or trans fats and are 100% gluten free.
We have several selections that are lower in sodium**, and they still taste great. All of our Premium Deli Meats are seasoned with care and roasted to perfection.
Our cheeses are hand selected from the best cheese makers in America’s heartland and we use only real milk and cream.

Feel free to ask us for a slice to give it a try. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Lower Sodium Deli Meats & Cheeses!

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We've taken these premium deli meats & cheeses and made them... Better For You!

Great tasting! Lower in Sodium*! Gluten free!

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All Natural Turkey Breast - 210mg of Sodium per 2 oz Serving

Our All Natural Turkey Breast is oven-roasted to seal in the natural juices. With only 70 calories per serving and 2 grams of fat, it packs 15 grams of protein and it tastes delicious. Ask for a sample and you'll never buy any other brand!

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All Natural Honey Turkey Breast - 280mg of Sodium per 2 oz Serving

Our Honey Turkey Breast still only has 70 calories, but a touch of sweetness that will make your mouth water. It's just that touch of honey and brown sugar that brings out the natural goodness of the turkey. Try it toasted on a Ciabatta roll with swiss cheese... a taste treat.

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Golden Roasted Turkey Breast - 220mg of Sodium per 2 oz Serving

A perfectly roasted turkey breast, just the right amount of browning on the outside to make "golden". Perfect for school lunches and seasonal picnics, this is a turkey breast that the entire family will enjoy. Add your favorite condiments to spice it or keep it mild to really appreciated the golden roasted goodness.

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All Natural Peppered Turkey Breast - 250mg of Sodium per 2 oz Serving

Our Peppered Turkey Breast is never shy in flavor. With Pepper and paprika used generously in the rub, it screams flavor. Not too hot or spicy, just a mouth full of flavor. Great with a pepper jack cheese and even a tad of some spiced up mayo. This peppery deli treat is sure to please your taste buds.

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All Natural Applewood Smoked Turkey Breast - 250mg of Sodium per 2 oz Serving

Whole cuts of All Natural Tender Tom Turkey Breasts are used in the making of this rich applewood smoked turkey breast. Made to deliver a rich smoky with a slightly sweet flavor to all your favorite sandwiches or meals. This premium quality turkey breast contains no binders or fillers and is gluten free.

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All Natural USDA Choice Black Angus Roast Beef - 250mg of Sodium per 2 oz Serving

There is nothing better than Angus Beef, except maybe Angus Roast Beef sliced thin or thick and layered on a roll with your favorite condiments.

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Sandwich Style Swiss Cheese - 65mg of Sodium per 1 oz Serving

There is nothing like the flavor of Swiss Cheese on any sandwich. Try it cold on ham and Swiss, or melted on that Rueben. Our Swiss is the finest.

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Sharp Slicing White Cheddar - 80mg of Sodium per 1 oz Serving

Add a little "zing" to your next sandwich. Use some sharp cheddar in place of American for totally new taste!

**As compared to national brands.

World Classics Trading Company Turkey Breast

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Santa Fe Style Turkey Breast

Tempt your taste buds with flavors so bold, they can stand alone. But when you layer our Santa Fe Turkey Breast slices between hearty grain breads or wraps, smother it with mayo and cover it with lettuce, tomato, pickles and more... the bold flavors of the SantaFe seasoning still come through.

World Classics Trading Company Chicken Breast

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Oven Roasted Chicken

Simply delicious is the only way to describe our Oven Roasted Chicken Breast. No bells and whistles to distract you from the rich roasted flavor of our Chicken.

World Classics Trading Company Ham

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Honey Maple Ham

The sweetness of honey and maple join the savory of flavor our cured ham to make a delicious sandwich.

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Black Forest Ham

Seasoned, then cured, then cured some more, this cold smoked ham is a taste treat. Its dark exterior and rich color inside mean you are getting the most flavorful ham of all.

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Old Fashioned Smokehouse Ham

When you're looking for the a smokey flavor with all the natural juices of a perfectly cured ham, the Old Fashioned Smokehouse Ham is the one to choose.

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Virginia Ham

The hickory flavor of our Virginia Ham comes from the slow process of smoking and aging. It's always worth it when you take that first bite.

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Apple Honey Ham

A touch of honey and light Apple flavor make this ham special. Try getting a half inch slice and searing it on both sides. Serve with Sunday morning breakfast.

Imported Ham

Our World Classics Trading Company Imported Ham is an all around favorite. Only the highest quality raw materials are used in the making of this delicious ham. You'll love the flavor of this 98% Fat Free and Gluten Free Ham.

World Classics Trading Company Deli Cheeses

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Our World Classics Premium Cheeses proudly carry the Real Cheese Symbol.
This means it's made with Real Milk and Cream, fresh from America's Heartland.

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Yellow American Cheese

Melts easily and evenly for the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. Try it coupled with our Farmhouse Ham and sliced tomatoes on whole wheat and you'll have a whole new grilled cheese.

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White American Cheese

Mild and faintly sweet in flavor, melts easily for the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

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Reduced Sodium American Cheese

Same great texture as our regular American, this cheese still melts smoothly to make your grilled cheese or turkey and cheese a less salty taste sensation.

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Sharp Slicing Provolone

This semi-hard cheese is aged longer for its sharp flavor. This wonderful, flavorful cheese is perfect for your grinders, or on an elegant cheese tray.

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Slicing Monterey Jack

A semi-hard cow's milk cheese that goes with just about any meats and deli. Serve it in a sandwich or melted over meat or chicken for your favorite dinner.

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Slicing Pepper Jack

This semi-hard cow's milk cheese has peppers added for spicy flavor and is perfect wrapped in a wheat tortilla with our special SantaFe Turkey Breast!

Each store has a complete nutritional and ingredient guide available upon request.