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Smart Chicken Organic

Organic Smart Chicken® is certified organic. This certification means that this chicken is naturally safe and healthy for you and your family. The organic diet consists of corn and soybeans that have been grown on land certified free of chemicals like pesticides and herbicides for a minimum of three years. There is the perfect scientific mix of vitamins and minerals (micros) to optimize chicken health.

Free Range & Certified Humane-Raised and Handled

All Organic Smart Chicken® birds are free range. They are given access to a natural outdoor environment on free range farms with plenty of access to fresh air and sunlight. Smart Chicken® is also dedicated to practicing sustainable agriculture which ensures the preservation of our environment for generations that follow.

Organic Smart Chicken® is proud to be "Certified Humane Raised and Handled". This label certifies that Organic Smart Chicken® has been produced according to strict HFAC’s* standards for humane farm animal treatment. Under this system, animals are raised on a regular diet of quality feed free of antibiotics and growth hormones, provided shelter, resting areas and space sufficient to support natural behavior. For more info on the Certified Humane label visit: