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Before You Fire Up the Grill...
It’s Time to Visit Sam!

Your Big Y Butcher Shop has something no other grocer can claim to have...we have Sam! Sam the Butcher® is not just a gimmick. All Big Y butchers are trained to be there for our customers. Special cuts, cooking tips, even party advice for how big a bird to buy for a huge family gathering, they're ready to help.

Need your knives sharpened? Stop by. Need a recipe to impress that special friend, or even the in-laws? Stop by, Sam can help.

Sam will recommend the right cut of All Natural Angus Beef for the grill, the crock pot or the oven. Sam knows just how thick to cut your center cut pork chops for stuffing with your favorite recipe. And lamb, veal, chicken and more...Sam knows. Stop by.

Just Ask Sam!