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Big Y All Natural* Angus Beef is from the Naturewell Beef Program.

At Naturewell® doing the right thing means more than delivering healthy, wholesome beef. It means ensuring a fulfilling lifestyle for today’s communities, future generations, and the world we share.

Living Well Is Everyone's Responsibility

The Naturewell WELL Initiatives™ program is focused on lessening our impact on the environment. It’s our way of becoming part of the greater solution.

Naturewell® is not only committed to delivering tools and insights to help you to live a complete lifestyle of wellness, we share that lifestyle with you. Through the introduction of our new WELL Initiatives™ program, which harnesses our past and on-going environmental efforts, we can deliver an even better future.

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Energy Choices That Make Sense

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We have implemented processes that:

  • Lower our energy consumption
  • Help us to increase energy efficiencies
  • Reduce pollution
  • Lower our carbon footprint

Being Good Stewards Of Our Land

We understand the value of the land we all share. That’s why, through integrated resource management techniques and approaches that maintain the longevity of the land, our ranchers work to assure preservation for the benefit of future generations.

Making Animal Welfare A Priority

We have worked with world-renowned animal care experts, such as Temple Grandin, to integrate policies, processes and facilities that offer an environment of natural growth and gentle care for our cattle. Throughout all stages of our program, our cattle are treated with respect.

Ensuring Water Remains A Resource

We reuse over 2.5 million gallons of water every week, significantly reducing our impact on this precious natural resource.