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Angus Beef Brands You Can Trust

Big Y offers two USDA Choice Angus beef brands that deliciously satisfy the needs of your family. Angus beef is known throughout the world for its premium quality and outstanding flavor.
The All Natural* Angus beef and Choice Angus beef offerings consistently deliver tenderness and flavor from cattle born and raised in the USA.

Your Top Choice for Consistent Quality

We've Got the Selection You Want at Big Y

Big Y offers two USDA Choice beef brands that deliver one premium eating experience.

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Superior Beef. Superior Eating.

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Big Y Choice Angus Beef is a cut about the rest, delivering consistent quality and flavor. Enjoy the classic tenderness of this USDA Choice Angus beef that is raised in the USA and grain-fed to deliver mouthwatering taste and texture.

Choose Big Y Choice Angus Beef for a premier dining experience for your family.

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Always Natural. Always Delicious.

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Big Y's All Natural* Angus Beef begins with cattle raised the way nature intended - without the use of antibiotics or added hormones - by Midwestern ranchers who care as much as you do about serving only humanly raised**, USDA Choice, corn-fed Angus beef.

  • No Antibiotics EVER!
  • No Added Hormones EVER!
  • US Born & Raised

You can feel good about enjoying the superior taste and quality of All Natural* Angus Beef in every bite, every time!

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For Quality and Flavor

Big Y's All Natural* Angus Beef is available in airtight,
Fresh-Pack'd packages to assure the highest level of quality and convenience.

  • Steaks and Ground Beef Stay Fresher Longer in Your Refrigerator
  • Leakproof — No Sticky Mess
  • Freezer Ready — No Freezer Burn & Easy Defrost
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*minimally processed and no artificial ingredients; **National Beef verifies this as cattle raised and fed at operations providing a low-stress environment.
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