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Meat Department

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All Natural Angus

Angus beef is known throughout the world for its premium quality and outstanding flavor. The All Natural Angus beef and Choice Angus beef offerings consistently deliver tenderness and flavor from cattle born and raised in the USA.

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Fresh Ground Beef

Still Ground Fresh Throughout the Day! Our ground beef is product from the USA only. We offer several varieties of leanness such as 80% lean, 85%, 90%, 93% and a 87% ground sirloin.

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American Lamb

There is a story behind every bite of American Lamb. American Lamb is raised by skilled farmers across the country from pastoral grasslands, to high country meadow.

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Sam the Butcher

Your Big Y Butcher Shop has something no other grocer can claim to have...we have Sam! Sam the Butcher® is not just a gimmick.

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Strauss Grass Fed Beef

Free to roam on open pastures, No antibiotics or hormones. All cattle are raised by America's Great Independent Family Farmers!

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Organic Smart Chicken®

Organic Smart Chicken® is certified organic. This certification means that this chicken is naturally safe and healthy for you and your family.

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Big Y All Natural Pork

With Big Y All Natural Pork, there are no added ingredients you can't pronounce. It's 100% natural meat with zero preservatives. So the only thing it's full of is taste.

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We'll Sharpen Your Knives for FREE!

Just one of the many services we offer in our Butcher Shop.

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Big Y Air Chilled Chicken

Air chilling produces a superior product because the process eliminates water absorption and cross contamination.

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Products of the USA

All of our fresh beef, pork, lamb, veal, chicken and ground beef are products of the USA.