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Watch a video about our Local Partner: Pittsfield Rye

Bakery Department

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For over 15 years we have partnered with a third generation,
family owned bakery, nestled in the foothills of the Berkshires.

Rye Breads

The Best Rye Bread You've Ever Tasted!
The Robbins Family makes Rye Bread the old-fashioned way with all natural ingredients and a little love.

Berkshire Bread

They've blended a combination of premium quality ingredients, like rye chops, honey, sesame, sunflower, poppy, onion, oats and dill. This bread is great with dinner or sliced for a sandwich.

La Crosta Italian Bread

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Italian for "The Crust", La Crosta exemplifies the features of what a true Italian bread should be. With its open texture and firm crust, this delicious bread revives the age old tradition of Italian baking. Enhanced with virgin-pressed olive oil imported from the Umbria region of Italy, La Crosta's unique flavor is prevalent throughout the entire loaf. La Crosta, once again, shows our "commitment to quality without compromise" and our long history of devotion to exceeding our customers' evolving expectations.

We've selected a unique, virgin-pressed olive oil from an array of orchards found in Umbria, Italy. Quietly nestled in the shadows of its well known cousin Tuscany, Umbria is blessed with hills and mountains which cast shadows over its rivers and lush valleys, further complementing the vine ripening process. This south- central region's pristine growing conditions, pure atmosphere and richly cultivated soils, bestow the heritage of this soft, slightly rich olive oil, which is warmly delivered to your palate and then magically to your senses.