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The Paczki are HERE!

For a Limited Time Only, Available January 8th - February 17th

Paczki are traditional Polish doughnuts.
They are deep fried pieces of dough shaped into a flattened sphere
and filled with delicious fillings!


half dozen, or 99¢ each

  • Made Fresh Daily
  • Moist, Rich Dough
  • Overstuffed with Assorted Fillings
  • New Gourmet Fillings
  • All Flavors Now Available in All Stores


  • Bavarian Crème
  • powdered and Boston Crème
  • Raspberry – glazed, powdered sugar and granulated sugar
  • Apple – cinnamon powdered sugar and glazed
  • Lemon – powdered only
  • Prune – glazed only
  • Blueberry
  • Powdered or glazed