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Small Batch baking the Old World Way. No Cholesterol. No Trans or Saturated Fats

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Tuscan Round

A Beautiful Table Bread with a Crisp Texture and Soft Open Interior that is Pure and Simple Baked from the Hearth.

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Rustic French Batard

A Uniquely Shaped Loaf with a Crispy Crust and Delicate Light Interior. Great for Sandwiches, Cheese Platters or Serving with Flavored Oils.

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Multigrain Loaf

A Hearty Blend of Sesame, Flax and Sunflower Seeds Plus Grains and Oats Finished with Wildflower Honey.

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French Baguette

A Classic on its Own with a Thin Crust and Delicate Flavor. A Perfect Compliment to Cheese and a Great Bread for Sandwiches or a Grinder.

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Cheese Bread

This Savory Loaf is Infused and Topped with Asiago Cheese. Its Hand Shaped, Authentic Crust Makes this a Fine Appetizer or a Perfect Sandwich Bread.

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Pane Di Sesamo

Toasted Sesame Seeds Encase this Delicately Flavored Loaf with a Subtle Nutty Taste. A Crunchy Crust with a Light Airy Texture.

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Sourdough Boule

Delicate Tangy Flavor, with a Golden Ridged Crust and Pleasing Light Interior. Ideal for Soups and Stews or Pair with Savory Spreads, Mustards and Meats for Hearty Sandwiches