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Express Savings Club Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Save with My Express Savings Club Card?

Just Use Your Card at the Register when you check out! Plus show it at Our Partner attractions and events!

How do I get a Express Savings Club Card Card?

You can print an Express Savings Club Card application online or in sign up for one in store at the Customer Service desk at your local Big Y. You will receive a temporary card and may begin using it right away.

How do I change my address or update information?

You can easily go to the customer Service Desk at any Big Y to update your information.

What if my card is lost or stolen?

We'll replace it. Print and fill out the application and bring it to any Big Y Customer Service Desk.

Can anyone in my family use my Express Savings Club Card?

When you apply for a Express Savings Club Card, you will receive one card and one keytag

Is the Express Savings Club Card a check-cashing card also?

In order to use your Express Savings Club Card as a check-cashing card, you must fill out the state licensed info on the application.