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Thank you so much for your recent article on FPIES.

My parents are your readers in the Springfield area. I have young twins that suffer from this syndrome and have rice and oat allergies. It took nearly a year to diagnosis (and I am a licensed Nurse Practitioner). The first allergist we went to had never heard of FPIES. I always get a funny look when I tell people my kids are allergic to rice, since rice is considered to be a benign food used during times of stomach upset.

It is truly a struggle, especially in a world of gluten free which is typically RICE. I have never found a pizzeria that uses shredded cheese without an unknown "modified food starch." Some orange juice varieties also have "modified food starch." I am very frustrated with food labeling for this reason. Why not just say "modified corn starch?"

I am hopeful that spreading the word about the different types of food allergies that exist will create more sensitivity in the world of food manufacturing and labeling. I appreciate the publicity, as do many other parents of FPIES children. Thank you again.

Holliston, MA

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