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Although NuVal Scores allow you to compare different items between one department to the next, such as an apple to apple flavored yogurt, your best bet is to use Scores when comparing products within the same category-such as apple and vanilla flavored yogurts.

Additionally, it's helpful to know how NuVal Scores stack up from one category to the next. For example, did you know the average NuVal Score for cold cereal is a 27? Armed with this knowledge, you'll know how your cereal with a NuVal Score of 34 compares with other cereals.

Find out the NuVal range and average of your favorite foods below:

GroceryMin. ScoreMax. ScoreAverage
Bagels, English Muffins38121
Baking Mixes1917
Baking Products (Other)1968
Beans (Canned & Packaged)2410053
Beverages (Carbonated)1335
Beverages (Other)19113
Bread, Rolls, Buns19627
Breadcrumbs, Batters19312
Broth, Bouillon1263
Cakes, Pies, Cupcakes, Brownies1325
Cereal (Cold)29427
Cereal (Hot), Oatmeal99944
Creams, Creamers1918
Doughnuts, Pastries, Muffins1338
Dry Beans, Dry Vegetables410087
Dry Fruit Snacks1254
Energy Drinks1645
Flour, Meal, Grits210061
Frosting, Frosting Mixes161
Gravy, Sauce Mixes1447
Jams, Jellies, Honey1883
Juices, Drinks (Shelf Stable)18214
Ketchup, Mustard2918
Marinades (Other)19112
Milk Flavorings, Cocoa1419
Packaged Foods (Dry, Shelf Stable)19118
Pancake Mixes, Waffle Mixes23812
Peanut Butter28723
Pickles, Relish, Olives19910
Pizza, Pizza Products18213
Puddings, Gelatins1817
Rice Cakes, Popcorn Cakes29123
Salad Dressings1245
Salad Toppings19119
Salty Snacks15916
Sauces, Marinades19112
Shortening, Oil13212
Side Dishes110020
Snack Bars, Granola Bars18224
Snacks (Other)19118
Soup, Ramen19926
Spaghetti, Italian Sauce19140
Sports Drinks1577
Steak Sauces, Barbeque1394
Stuffing Mixes2298
Sugar, Sugar Substitutes151
Teas, Coffee1698
Toaster Pastries2257
Tomato Products29646
Weight Control and/ Nutrition Liquids, Powders28247
DairyMin. ScoreMax. ScoreAverage
Appetizers, Snack Rolls (Refrigerated & Frozen)23819
Bagels, English Muffins38122
Bakery Items (Refrigerated & Frozen)1918
Breakfast Foods (Refrigerated & Frozen)110021
Butter, Margarine, Spreads, Blends1102
Cottage Cheese109124
Cream Cheese23121
Creams, Creamers1918
Dessert/Whipped Toppings1734
Dips, Spreads18123
Eggs, Egg Substitutes48237
Juices, Drinks (Refrigerated & Frozen)18724
Milk, Flavored Milk, Soy Milk, Buttermilk, Eggnog110059
Packaged Meals (Refrigerated & Frozen)19618
Sour Cream29328
Yogurt Products910045
FrozenMin. ScoreMax. ScoreAverage
Appetizers, Snack Rolls (Refrigerated & Frozen)43418
Bakery Items (Refrigerated & Frozen)1918
Breakfast Foods (Refrigerated & Frozen)110021
Dessert/Whipped Toppings1734
Frozen Novelties19112
Ice Cream, Sherbet, Frozen Yogurt110017
Ice Cream Cones, Ice Cream Mixes1255
Juices, Drinks (Refrigerated & Frozen)18724
Packaged Meals (Refrigerated & Frozen)19618
Pizza, Pizza Products18213
MeatMin. ScoreMax. ScoreAverage
Beef (Fresh)234132
Breakfast Meats3288
Dried Meat Snacks3248
Fish and Seafood (Fresh)338972
Game (Fresh)245338
Lamb (Fresh)245329
Meat (Refrigerated, Frozen, Canned, Lunch Meats)14114
Pork (Fresh)167425
Poultry (Fresh)164829
Poultry (Refrigerated, Frozen & Canned)46422
Protein Alternatives510051
Seafood (Refrigerated, Frozen & Canned)48850
Veal (Fresh)245033
ProduceMin. ScoreMax. ScoreAverage
Bagged Salads & Salad Kits (Refrigerated)2310078
Fresh Fruits & Vegetables2310094
Fruit (Fresh Packaged)410074
Fruit (Frozen, Canned & Dried)110033
Nuts & Seeds49140
Vegetables (Fresh Packaged)2610093
Vegetables (Frozen & Canned)310068