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NuVal® at Big Y

Trade Up for Better Nutrition

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Find more nutritious foods at a glance with NuVal Scores.

Do you find yourself confused by passing diet fads and nutrition claims? The NuVal Scoring System is a science-based program created to cut through the confusion and empower shoppers like you with knowledge of a food's true overall nutrition quality.

The result? Simple to use NuVal Scores identifying nutritious foods at a glance. Scores range from 1 to 100. All you need to remember is this: The higher the NuVal Score, the more nutritious the food!

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With over 25,000 products scored through the aisles of Big Y, learning how your favorite foods stack up nutritionally is a cinch! Simply keep your eyes open for NuVal Scores right on product's shelf tags and signs.

Soon enough, you'll see how easy it is to trade up to higher scoring options from one aisle to the next.