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Living Well Eating Smart Natural & Organic

NEW in our Natural, Organic and Gluten-Free Section!

Items Available In Our Living Well Eating Smart Natural & Organic and Gluten-Free Section. Not Available in All Stores.

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    Our Little Rebellion PopConers

    Crispy and crunchy popped Corn chips. No artificial anything, always gluten free and baked (not fried).

    Find Out More About Our Little Rebellion.

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    Give peas a chance. Good for the planet simply by being them-selves. Chickpeas naturally re-lease nitrogen back into the earth as they grow.

    Find Out More About Hippeas.

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    Wholeme Clusters

    Chock full of grain-free and gluten-free good-ness. Choose from Lem-on Berry Chia, Almond Coconut or Salted Peanut Chocolate.

    Find Out More About Wholeme Clusters

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    Simply 7 Veggie Chips

    Simply delicious for snacking. Enjoy the mix of organic pota-toes, spinach, tomatoes and spices.

    Find Out More About Simply 7

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    Felicia Gluten-Free Organic Pasta

    For those who love the tradition of ancient flavors, choose from varieties including buckwheat, red lentil, green pea, multigrain and brown rice.

    Find Out More About Felicia Gluten-Free

*Note that all items might not be available in all stores. If you have any questions on new items e-mail our Dieticians at