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Grilling Essential: Food Thermometers

Keep your friends and family safe this grilling season by making sure food is cooked to a high enough internal temperature to kill the harmful bacteria that cause illness. You cannot determine if food is fully cooked just by looking at it. The only way to make sure your food has reached a safe minimum internal temperature is to use a food thermometer. Before using any food thermnometer, read the manufacturer's instructions!

The best types of food thermometers for grilling are:

Digital Instant-Read (Thermistor)

Safe Minimum Internal Temps
Ground Beef160 °F
Poultry, including ground poultry165 °F
Beef, veal, lamb, steaks & roasts145 °F

Thermometer-Fork Combination

Tips for Using a Food Thermometer:

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Be sure to include safe food handling in your cookout plans!

CLEAN -Wash hands and surfaces often.
SEPARATE - Don't cross-contaminate!
COOK - Cook to proper temperature.
CHILL - Refrigerate promptly!

From The Partnership for Food Safety Education -

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