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About Food Safety Notices

A food recall is a voluntary process initiated by a manufacturer or distributor to protect the public from products that may cause health problems or may be misbranded (incorrect labeling and/or packaging).

Immediately after a recall is announced by a manufacturer or the US Government, our stores are alerted and affected product is removed. We offer a full refund to customers who have any concerns with a product they have purchased in our stores.

Recall Types:

Class I - This is the most serious. Recalls for a dangerous or defective product that predictably could cause serious health hazards or death.

Class II - Recalls of products that might cause a temporary health problem, pose only a slight threat of a serious nature.

Class III – Recalls of products that are unlikely to cause any adverse health reaction.

Market Withdrawal – A firms removal or correction of a distributed product, which involves only a minor violation that would not be subject to regulatory action by the FDA or USDA.