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Reusable Shopping Bags

The use of reusable grocery bags has exploded over the past few years, and for a good reason. Growing concerns about the environmental impact of plastic bags has led many consumers to opt for the use of reusable bags. It has also led to several cities, towns and even countries to begin taxing or banning the use of plastic bags.

Since reusable grocery bags come in direct contact with food and may become contaminated with bacteria, they need to be treated in the same manner as you would other items in your home that come in contact with food – counter tops, cutting boards, utensils, etc. All of these items must be kept clean, so why not keep your reusable grocery bag clean as well.

Here are some helpful tips to help keep your reusable bags clean:

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It is also important that you use insulated reusable bags for perishable foods to keep them cold. The insulated bags should be cleaned after each shopping trip.