Clean, Separate, Cook, Chill

Food Safety is a top priority at Big Y. Our food safety team insures that all food sold to our customers is the safest, freshest and of the highest quality. We are committed to providing clean stores and follow strict food safety handling procedures. Big Y's food safety policies are stricter than government standards and based on the latest sound science. We conduct extensive food safety training to management and employees.

Quick Tip:

Summer and Vacations

Hiking, camping, boating, going to the beach, etc. are food activities for active people and families. In many cases, these activities last all day and involve preparing at least one meal. Follow these tips to prevent foodborne illness from becoming unwelcome souvenir.

  • Pack safely – use a cooler if car camping or boating, or pack foods in the frozen state with a cold source if hiking or backpacking.
  • Keep raw foods separate from other foods
  • Never bring meat and poultry products without a cold source to keep them safe

More Tips on Keeping Safe in Summer