Pharmacy Events

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Free Blood Pressure Screening

Rocky Hill Mondays 10:00am to 12pm

Free Blood Glucose Testing

East Windsor Every Third Tuesday of every month, 11am to 2pm

North Branford Every Friday, 10am to 2pm

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Events at Big Y

Current Community Events

Mayflower Marathon logo
Rock 102s Mayflower Marathon
Mayflower Marathon at the Basketball Hall of Fame. STOP BY AND DONATE NON-PERISHABLE FOOD ITEMS. Once again, Bax & O'Brien will broadcast for 52 hours from the Basketball Hall Of Fame in downtown Springfield
Monday 11/24/2014 - Wednesday 11/26/2014

Celebrating Food is a fun and educational way to try new, different or alternative products.
Big Y's knowledgeable Celebrating Foods specialists will illustrate to how to use and prepare the products so they may be incorporated into everyday meal planning.

The Brooklyn Creamery Extra Thick Double Cream
Now at your local Big Y Market, The Brooklyn Creamery Extra Thick Double Cream. This thick and rich spoon-able cream is simply indulgent with a consistency of sour cream but without the sour flavor. The Brooklyn Creamery Extra Thick Double Cream is ideal for adding thickness to sauces, dips, spreads, home-made ice cream or top fresh fruit and pastries or use it in light whipping to create a decadent home-made whipped topping! Stop at our live sampling session on Sunday to give The Brooklyn Creamery Extra Thick Double Cream a try!
Sunday 11/23/2014
3 pm to 7 pm
Living Well Eating Smart

Join Us for Living Well Eating Smart In-store Activities

Supermarket Tour- Heart Healthy Eating in Mansfield
Do you know the current recommendations for heart healthy eating? Learn how to apply them to the purchases you make while still enjoying the foods on your plate with Kittie Spedding, MS, RD, CD-N.
Monday 11/24/2014
5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Supermarket Tour- Happy Healthy Holidays Ludlow
Give your family and friends the gift of healthy eating. Learn simple steps from Sue Mazrolle MSRD, LDN to modify favorite recipes and discover ideas for healthy holiday snacks and gifts.
Tuesday 11/25/2014
10:00 am to 11:00 am