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Free Blood Pressure Screening

Rocky Hill Mondays 10:00am to 12pm

Free Blood Glucose Testing

East Windsor Every Third Tuesday of every month, 11am to 2pm

North Branford Every Friday, 10am to 2pm

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Events at Big Y

Celebrating Food is a fun and educational way to try new, different or alternative products.
Big Y's knowledgeable Celebrating Foods specialists will illustrate to how to use and prepare the products so they may be incorporated into everyday meal planning.

Noosa Yoghurt and Wholesome Goodness Oatmeal Crunch Cereal
With so many different brands of yogurt on the market, you might ask what is different about this one? Noosa Yoghurt is Aussie-style yogurt. The Australians took a cue from the Greeks and put their own special spin on it. Noosa Yoghurt is rich, smooth and velvety. Sweetened with just a bit of honey to give it a sweet-tart tang and chock full of the best fresh fruit purees that the seasonal market has to offer. Sounds irresistible, right? Try a sample topped with Wholesome Goodness Cereal (it's all natural and delicious!) at our Celebrating Food session on Saturday!
Saturday 07/26/2014
11 am to 3 pm
Master of Mixes Loaded Bloody Mary
Master of Mixes Loaded Bloody Mary introduces abundant layers of flavor by combining the boldness of horseradish and savory peppers with the bright garden flavors of cucumber, celery and citrus. This Culinary Mary features chopped spices and diced vegetables along with fresh horseradish, cracked black pepper, jalapenos, lemon and lime juices. This Bloody Mary is more than just tomato juice! Try a sample of Master of Mixes Loaded Bloody Mary Mix at our Celebrating Food session on Saturday and take some home with your express card 2 for $6.00!
Saturday 07/26/2014
11 am to 3 pm
Greek Gods Yogurt and Drinkable Kefir
The Greek word Kefi refers to enthusiasm and the positive joyful spirit of life. Those joyous feelings begin with a healthy body. Believed to have been consumed for thousands of years, Kefir remains a healthy addition to any diet. Both delicious and beneficial to the body, The Greek Gods Kefir is exceptionally creamy, smooth and rich in taste. A perfect snack at any time of the day, it can be enjoyed on its own, drizzled over fruit or cereal or added to smoothies and dressings. Try Greek Gods Kefir Low Fat Milk and the NEW Greek Gods Honey Salted Caramel Yogurt on Sunday at our live selling session!
Sunday 07/27/2014
11 am to 3 pm